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Go ahead and grab this Teachers Like You Greeting Card. It's like a standing ovation in an envelope, a high-five in paper form, and a big virtual hug all rolled into one. Because seriously, the world needs more teachers like yours!


1. A2-sized Awesomeness: This card may be small, but it packs a punch of gratitude! Measuring a perfect 4.25 x 5.5 inches, it's like a pocket-sized thank you hug for your favorite teacher.

2. Blank Canvas of Appreciation: The interior of this card is as blank as a pop quiz you forgot to study for! It's your chance to fill it with heartfelt words, funny anecdotes, or even a doodle of your favorite teacher's impressive mustache.

3. Made in the USA, Baby!: This greeting card proudly represents the good ol' red, white, and blue! It's like a slice of apple pie with a side of patriotism. Show your love for teachers and the land of the free all at once!

Where to Use:

– Teacher's Appreciation Day: Surprise your favorite educator with a heartfelt token of gratitude that will make them feel like a superhero in the classroom!

– End of the School Year: Bid adieu to your amazing teacher with a card that says, "You rocked my world this year, and I'm forever grateful!"

– Just Because: Who says you need a special occasion to show appreciation? Give this card to your teacher on a random Tuesday and watch their heart melt like a popsicle in the summer sun!


Format | A2, 4.25 x 5.5"

Interior | Blank

Envelope | Kraft

Origin | Made in the USA

Product Type | Greeting Card

Sentiment | The World Needs More Teachers Just Like You


One Canoe Two Paper Co

One Canoe Two Paper Co

Once upon a time in the heartland of Missouri, a dream was born. One Canoe Two Paper Co, a whimsical illustration company, has been spreading joy with their cheerful and thoughtful paper goods. With each creation, the artists' love for home-cooked meals and weekends spent in nature shines through. From a vintage letterpress to collaborations with renowned retailers, this talented team has captured hearts worldwide.

The Story Behind One Canoe Two

The story behind One Canoe Two began in 2009 when the founders, Beth Snyder and Carrie Shryock, followed their dream and bought a letterpress. This marked the birth of the company and the start of their creative process. Inspired by their love for nature and memories of canoe trips and campfires along Missouri streams, they named their company One Canoe Two. Their illustrations and designs reflect their heartland roots and their appreciation for life's natural beauty. With a deep curiosity and a desire to spread joy, they have grown and expanded their business, partnering with other companies to create a popular line of gifts and stationery. Their products can be found in over 1000 independent boutiques worldwide and in select national retailers. The growth and success of One Canoe Two is a testament to the founders' passion and dedication.