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Here comes the wine whisperer's pocket pal!


1. Foolproof Flavor Wheel: Wave goodbye to deciphering cryptic wine tasting notes. Our ingenious flavor wheel makes it a breeze to pinpoint and describe the unique characteristics of each wine. No more pretending to taste "notes of leather" or "hints of elderberry" – just straightforward and accessible descriptions.

2. Effortless Check-Box System: Say adios to fumbling with notepads and pencils while trying to juggle your wineglass. Our pocket-sized gem offers an easy check-box system, allowing you to quickly record your wine adventures without missing a beat. It's like having a personal sommelier in your pocket, ready to capture every sip, swirl, and spit.

3. Portable Sommelier: Whether you're a wine snob looking to impress or simply want to up your wine game, our 33 Bottles of Wine Tasting Notebook is your ticket to becoming a true wine connoisseur. Compact and convenient, it's the perfect companion for wine tastings, dinner parties, or even a cozy night in with Netflix and a bottle of vino.

Where to Use:

– Wine Tastings: Be the envy of the room as you effortlessly record your wine-tasting notes with style and finesse.

– Dinner Parties: Impress your friends with your refined taste and knowledge, all thanks to your trusty wine journal.

– Cozy Nights In: Netflix and wine just got a whole lot classier. Curl up on the couch, pop open a bottle, and let your taste buds do the talking.

So, whether you're a wine aficionado, geek, nerd, or just someone who appreciates the vintner's art, our 33 Bottles of Wine Tasting Journal is the ultimate companion for your wine adventures. And not only will it elevate your wine experience, but it's also environmentally friendly, made with 100% recycled papers sourced in the Northwest.

Note: 33 Books make excellent gifts for any occasion, so why not treat yourself or surprise a fellow wine lover with this witty and fun tasting notebook? Cheers to capturing every wine-filled moment in style!


Dimensions: 3.5" x 5".

33 Wines is made with 100% recycled papers sourced in the Northwest.

33 Books make great gifts for any holiday.


33 Books Co

Enhance Your Tasting Experience with '33 Books Co.

Looking to capture the essence of your favorite beverages and foods? Look no further than '33 Books Co.' Based in sunny Portland, Oregon, this unique publishing company, founded by the consumables connoisseur Dave Selden, offers compact yet spacious tasting journals and tools. These pocket-sized wonders are perfect for major tasting events or a casual sip. With an ever-growing catalog, '33 Books Co.' is a must-have for beverage enthusiasts who want to enhance their tasting experience and boost their memory. Cheers to that!

The Story Behind '33 Books Co

The story behind '33 Books Co' began with Dave Selden's creation of his brand tasting journals after his first trip to the Great American Beer Festival. Inspired by his global festival experiences, Dave started his publishing journey and created a line of tasting tools that would capture the essence of different consumables in a fun and informative way. The inspiration for these journals came from his desire to quickly and efficiently capture the important details of various tastings. With '33' brand tasting journals, which are small enough to fit in a pocket yet large enough to tackle major tasting events, Dave has created a unique and practical way to document and remember your favorite beers, wines, coffees, and more. Field-testing his books at cheese, wine, and other fine foods festivals across the planet, Dave has refined his products to be the perfect companions for any tasting adventure. These journals, along with tasting maps and other tools, are designed to help you better appreciate and remember the flavors and nuances of your favorite food and drinks.