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Looking for a greeting card that speaks volumes without saying too much? Introducing Alpinecho's "Home is Where You Are" Greeting Card, a whimsical and witty creation designed to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces. Crafted and printed with care in the USA, this card is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of ferocity wrapped in undeniable charm.


– Whimsical and Witty: With a clever message that humorously declares your affection, this greeting card is ideal for those who enjoy a good chuckle. The playful theme, encapsulated in the phrase 'If you were a bear, I'd get within 200 yards of you,' is sure to leave a lasting impression.

– Personalizable and Versatile: Featuring a blank interior, this card provides you the freedom to customize your message, making it suitable for any occasion. From birthdays to anniversaries or just a friendly hello, this card is ready to convey your sentiments with a touch of humor.

Where to Use:

– Birthdays: Surprise your bear-loving friend with a card that playfully expresses your affection, even in the form of a bear encounter.

– Anniversaries: Show your partner how much you appreciate their unique blend of fierceness and charm with this one-of-a-kind greeting card.

– Just Because: Spread some outdoor cheer to anyone in need of a smile, be it a friend, family member, or co-worker. This card is designed to brighten anyone's day.

Alpinecho's "Home is Where You Are" Greeting Card is not just a card; it's a delightful gift crafted with love and creativity, ready to add a touch of charm to any occasion.


Front: "If you were a bear, I'd get within 200 yards of you"

Inside: Blank

Back: "Most bear encounters can be avoided by keeping a safe distance. But if you were a bear, I'd risk it"

• 100% Made and printed in the USA

• (A2) 4.25" x 5"

• Coordinating, 100% recycled (and recyclable) kraft envelope

• Listing is for one greeting card

• Custom design by Sarah Dielle Anderson



Ethical Outdoor Gear for Genuine Adventurers

Alpinecho, the go-to brand for authentic outdoor gear, has become a true symbol of integrity in the industry. Founded by adventure enthusiasts Sarah and Ryan Anderson, Alpinecho beautifully captures the essence of nature through their hand-drawn designs. Inspired by the stunning landscapes of Colorado, their products are both timeless and captivating. With a commitment to ethical manufacturing practices, Alpinecho ensures that every item is made with honesty and integrity. Get ready to embrace the wilderness and explore the great outdoors with Alpinecho.

The Story Behind the Brand

The story of Alpinecho begins with Sarah and Ryan, a husband and wife team with a deep appreciation for nature and adventure. Inspired by their first alpine lake experience, they created a brand that celebrates genuine outdoor experiences and captures the beauty of the backcountry. Sarah's signature hand-drawn artwork reflects the awe-inspiring moments they encounter in nature. They believe in finding beauty in the full outdoor experience and strive to share that passion through their high-quality goods.