American Heritage Brands – Grandma’s House Hazelnut Coffee Candle


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Grandma's House Hazelnut Coffee Candle – The Ultimate Wake-Up Call!


1. Scent-sational Aroma: Prepare to be whisked away to your favorite coffee shop with the irresistible aroma of medium roast coffee, toasted hazelnut, and a dash of coconut. It's like having a barista in a jar!

2. Creamy Sweetness Galore: Indulge your senses in the creamy sweetness of vanilla, maple, and a dollop of cream, perfectly complementing the rich, nutty coffee scent. It's like having a decadent latte without the calories!

3. Long-Lasting Burn Time: Our candle is designed to keep the coffee shop vibes going for hours on end. Sit back, relax, and savor the delightful fragrance that will fill your space with cozy ambience.

Where to Use:

– Morning Motivation: Start your day right by lighting this candle in your kitchen or living room. The invigorating scent will awaken your senses and put a spring in your step!

– Home Office Hero: Need a little boost of productivity? Place this candle on your desk and let the heavenly aroma keep you focused and inspired throughout the day.

– Cozy Reading Nook: Curl up with a good book and let the comforting scent of coffee and hazelnut envelop you. This candle is the perfect companion for your quiet moments of relaxation.

Note: This candle is for aromatic pleasure only. Please refrain from taking a sip, no matter how tempting it may be!


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