American Heritage Brands – Hand Sanitizer Gel 16 Oz. for SHOP USE Rosemary + Orange


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Germ-busting Goodness: American Heritage Brands Hand Sanitizer Gel 16 Oz. SHOP USE Rosemary + Orange


1. Clean Hands, Happy Souls: Our Rosemary + Orange Gel Hand Sanitizer is your go-to weapon against those pesky germs. Pump onto palms, rub hands together, and feel the power of cleanliness!

2. Hydration Superheroes: With the added Vitamin E and B5, our sanitizer not only keeps your hands germ-free but also leaves them feeling moisturized and nourished. No more dry, cracked skin!

3. Citrus Sensation: Experience a burst of refreshing citrus scent with our 100% natural essential oils. Say goodbye to the unpleasant alcohol smell and hello to a delightful fragrance.

Where to Use:

1. Shopaholics Rejoice: Perfect for all shopaholics out there, our sanitizer is designed specifically for SHOP USE. Keep your customers and employees' hands squeaky clean, ensuring a safe and germ-free shopping experience.

2. On-the-Go Guardians: Whether you're running errands, commuting, or traveling, our 16 oz. sanitizer is the perfect companion for your adventures. It fits easily in your bag or car, always ready to fight off germs wherever you go.

3. Workplace Warriors: Ideal for offices, restaurants, and any work environment, our sanitizer ensures a hygienic atmosphere for all. Keep your team protected and germ-free, because a clean workplace is a happy workplace.

Note: Our sanitizer comes in clear bottles due to a shortage, but hey, it's what's inside that counts! Embrace the transparent trend and let your cleanliness shine through.


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