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Experience the American whiskey renaissance with internationally recognized whiskey expert Richard Thomas in this expert guide.


1. Sip, Savor, Repeat: Immerse yourself in a spirited adventure as Richard Thomas, the whiskey wizard, takes you on a tantalizing tour of over 300 distinct American whiskeys. No need for a passport, just grab a glass and let the flavors transport you across the nation.

2. Whiskey Whispers: Get insider access to the minds behind the magic with in-depth interviews featuring master distillers. Hear their tales, secrets, and the passion that goes into crafting these liquid gold elixirs. It's like having a fireside chat with the whiskey gods themselves.

3. Snap, Sip, Cheers: Indulge your eyes as well as your taste buds with stunning visuals. From sleek bottles to picturesque distilleries, this book is a feast for the eyes. You'll be reaching for your camera to capture the beauty of whiskey in all its glory.

Where to Use:

– Whiskey Wednesday: Impress your friends with your newfound knowledge and whip out this book at your next whiskey tasting soirée. You'll be the life of the party, educating and entertaining everyone with witty anecdotes and tasting notes.

– Bar Cart Bible: Elevate your mixology skills and become the ultimate whiskey connoisseur by keeping this book close at hand. It's the perfect companion for experimenting with cocktail recipes and finding the ideal whiskey pairing for any occasion.

– Coffee Table Convo Starter: Spark lively conversations with guests as they flip through the pages and discover the rich history and diverse flavor profiles of American whiskeys. It's a conversation piece that'll leave everyone thirsting for more.

Note: This book is not responsible for sudden cravings, whiskey-induced daydreaming, or the uncontrollable urge to start your own distillery. Enjoy responsibly, and remember to always share the joy of whiskey with friends (or keep it all for yourself, we won't judge). Cheers!


  • Detailed tasting notes for 300+ expressions from 100+ distilleries
  • In-depth interviews with master distillers
  • Regional chapters that make it easy to find distilleries nationwide
  • Hundreds of beautiful photographs of bottles, distillers, and distilleries.
  • Contributor(s): Richard Thomas , Robin Robinson
  • About the Contributor(s): Richard Thomas is the owner and managing editor of The Whiskey Reviewer, a leading web magazine for whiskey reviews and mixology and drinks news. Thomas's opinions and advice on whiskey have appeared on ABC News, Discovery Channel programming, Style magazine and elsewhere. He was a longtime travel contributor to Yahoo!, and he has written for outlets as diverse as, USA Today, Chilled, Inside Hook, and Paste.
  • Robin Robinson is the author of The Complete Whiskey Course: A Comprehensive Tasting School in Ten Classes.
  • ISBN-13 9781646433056
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 544
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