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Show off your love for our city's sports teams with the Ampersand Design Studio KC Grid – KC Current Postcard! This vibrant and spirited postcard is the perfect way to share team pride with loved ones or keep the excitement alive on your own bulletin board. Whether it's game day or the off-season, this postcard will keep the team spirit going strong. Teal Rising!


1. Team Pride on the Go: This 4.25 x 6 postcard is a portable burst of team spirit! Slip it into your bag, send it to a friend, or display it proudly on your wall to keep the excitement alive wherever you go.

2. Eye-Catching Design: The KC Grid Collection pays homage to our beloved hometown sports teams with its bold and captivating design. It's impossible to miss the vibrant colors and dynamic patterns that will make any sports fan's heart skip a beat.

3. Versatile and Fun: Not just for sending messages, this postcard is a versatile piece of art that can be used in many creative ways. Pin it up on your bulletin board, frame it for your desk, or even use it as a bookmark to remind yourself of the team's greatness. The possibilities are endless!

Where to Use:

– Send a dose of team spirit to a loved one who shares your passion for the game.

– Brighten up your home or office space by displaying this vibrant postcard on your wall or bulletin board.

– Take it with you to games and show off your team pride in style.

– Use it as a unique and eye-catching bookmark to elevate your reading experience.

Gear up for a fun-filled journey of team pride with the Ampersand Design Studio KC Grid – KC Current Postcard. Let the world know that Teal is Rising, and our hometown heroes are worth cheering for, no matter the season!