Barkley & Blue – Let’s Go Pawty Barbie – Barbie Themed Dog Treat Biscuits


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ntroducing our delightful Barbie-themed pinkastic filled Biscuit Mix – a treat mix that's straight out of a Barbie dream world! With hearts, Barbie silhouettes, heart-shaped sunglasses, and an abundance of pink, this mix is a sweet celebration of everything Barbie!

Our Pinktastic Biscuit Mix is made with premium ingredients, ensuring your furry friend receives the best.

Ingredients: Oat flour, banana, eggs, coconut oil, baking powder, tapioca starch, fruit and vegetable powders for colour, and cinnamon.

Size: 4oz bag

Shelf-life: 2-4 months depending on humidity.

We are dedicated to being environmentally friendly, all packaging used is biodegradable and can be thrown away or composted.


Barkley & Blue

Your Trusted Source for All-Natural Pet Treats

Barkley & Blue is the go-to pet treat business for dogs with sensitive tummies. Founded by a dog lover who understands the struggles of finding tasty treats that won't upset delicate stomachs, Barkley & Blue uses only all-natural ingredients known for their digestive benefits. By prioritizing both health and flavor, they aim to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners. With Barkley & Blue, furry companions can enjoy delicious treats without any tummy troubles, making every moment together even more enjoyable.

How It All Started

Lauren's inspiration for creating Barkley & Blue stemmed from the special dietary needs of her dogs, Belle and Bruno, who have sensitive tummies. Seeing her beloved pets struggle with digestive health issues, Lauren decided to take matters into her own hands and develop a line of treats that would not only be gentle on their tummies but also packed with all-natural ingredients known for their digestive benefits. By using these high-quality ingredients, Barkley & Blue ensures that pets can maintain a sensitive tummy-friendly diet while enjoying delicious treats. But it doesn't stop there. Barkley & Blue understands that the bond between pets and their owners is a special one, and their treats are designed to strengthen that bond. With Barkley & Blue, you can nourish your furry companion's sensitive tummy while celebrating the extraordinary connection you share. And they're here for you and your pet all the way, making every day a celebration of the moments you cherish together.