BlueHenry LLC – Dehydrated Blood Oranges (Small Case)


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Looking to add a burst of tangy sweetness to your culinary creations? BlueHenry LLC's Dehydrated Blood Oranges are here to infuse your dishes and drinks with a rich, complex flavor profile that's unmatched. Crafted with all-natural ingredients and no added sugars or chemicals, these dried blood orange slices are perfect for elevating your recipes.


– All-Natural Goodness: Made with simply dehydrated blood orange slices and nothing more, these fruit slices are free from preservatives, sulfites, and artificial additives.

– Cocktail Garnish Delight: Enhance the visual appeal and taste of your cocktails by adding a dehydrated blood orange wheel as a finishing touch.

Where to Use:

– Culinary Creativity: Whether you're looking to jazz up your cocktails, flavored water, tea, desserts, or baking recipes, these thin-sliced dried blood oranges are ready to add a pop of flavor and color to your creations.