BlueHenry LLC – Dehydrated Orange Wheels (Small Case)


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Quench your thirst for fresh citrus flavor with BlueHenry LLC's Dehydrated Orange Wheels. These small case delights are made from oranges dried at their ripest, ensuring a burst of natural taste in every slice. Free from artificial additives, these thin orange wheels elevate your drinks and dishes with a touch of sunshine in a convenient, long-lasting form.


– All-Natural Goodness: Made solely from dehydrated orange slices, these wheels are pure, without any added sugars, chemicals, or preservatives.

– Versatile Cocktail Garnish: Enhance your beverages with a beautiful and edible orange wheel that not only looks pretty but also adds a refreshing citrus twist to your drinks.

– Baking Delight: Thinly sliced and crafted in small batches, these dehydrated orange wheels are perfect for baking, offering a unique flavor to your favorite recipes.

Where to Use:

These Dehydrated Orange Wheels are the perfect addition to your home bar, restaurant, or kitchen. Use them to garnish cocktails, flavor water, enhance tea, or add a zesty touch to your desserts and baked goods. With a 12-month shelf life, they are a sustainable and convenient choice for all your culinary adventures.