Doles Orchard Box Shop – Cherry Veneer Column Light – Fire


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Beautiful Cherry Wood sets these Column Lights apart from the rest. Intricately cut designs enhanced with a thin layer of clear blue acrylic creates a beautiful contrast when the light when its off, yet the color is mild and relaxing when the light is on.

Each shade is made of cherry veneer and birch wood, designed, cut and assembled in our small shop in southern Maine. We careful chose quality lighting parts to be included with your shade. Each Column Light comes with a C7 light bulb on a 6ft cord with switch.

Column Lights Measure 8x4x4 inches


Doles Orchard Box Shop

Doles Orchard Box Shop

Nestled in the picturesque southern Maine, Doles Orchard Box Shop is a small family business with a big reputation. From humble beginnings as a pick-your-own fruit farm, they have blossomed into an impressive woodworking shop. Crafting top-quality wooden crates and custom woodwork is their forte, with a commitment to eco-friendly practices and 100% made in the USA products. With a knack for attention to detail and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Doles Orchard Box Shop is the go-to choice for businesses seeking exquisite wooden crates and custom woodwork.  

Plot Twist

Doles Orchard Box Shop quickly transitioned from a hobby to a fully functioning woodworking shop. What started as a side project making wooden crates for Allagash Brewing's House Beer, turned into a thriving business. In less than three years, they sold approximately 6,000 boxes, prompting the expansion of their operation. Today, Doles Orchard Box Shop offers a range of customization options for businesses in need of quality woodwork. With engraving services and a new laser machine for customization and small orders, they can meet the unique needs and aesthetics of their customers. Their commitment to service and willingness to work with customers sets them apart as a small family business that takes pride in creating products their customers can be proud of.