Effing Candle Co. – Sandy Beach | Notes Coconut, Ginger, Lime & Amber 8oz Candle


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Transform your space into a sandy oasis with Effing Candle Co.'s 8oz Sandy Beach candle. This wooden wick candle combines the delightful scents of coconut, ginger, lime, and amber to whisk you away to a tropical paradise right in your living room. The crackling wooden wick adds a cozy touch to your relaxation time. Each candle is encased in a limited-run iridescent white vessel, making it a chic addition to any room.


1. Wooden Wick: Enjoy the soothing crackling sound of the wooden wick as it burns, creating a cozy ambiance.

2. Fragrance Fusion: Experience a harmonious blend of ginger, lime, lotus coconut, amber, and more in one captivating scent profile.

Where to Use:

– Living rooms for a relaxing atmosphere

– Bedrooms to unwind after a long day

– Bathrooms to add a touch of beach getaway vibes