Fetzer Gewurztraminer


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Get ready for a symphony of flavors with the Fetzer Gewurztraminer. This full-bodied white wine boasts a delightful blend of floral aromas and exotic fruit flavors that will transport your taste buds to a paradise of roses, geraniums, pineapple, and orange zest. Refreshingly off-dry, this wine also surprises with hints of rose petal, peach, and dried apricot, all wrapped in a subtle touch of honey.


1. Floral Explosion: Experience a bouquet of floral notes like roses and geraniums that add a fragrant and elegant touch to each sip.

2. Exotic Fruits: Dive into a tropical paradise with flavors of pineapple, orange zest, peach, and dried apricot that will tantalize your palate.

3. Subtle Sweetness: Indulge in the off-dry style of this wine, where a hint of honey adds a delicate sweetness without overwhelming the senses.

Where to Use:

Perfect for a relaxing evening at home, Fetzer Gewurztraminer is an ideal companion for unwinding after a long day. Pair it with light dishes, salads, or simply enjoy it on its own to elevate your dining experience with its unique blend of flavors.

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