Foreside Home & Garden – Blue Verdigris Hummingbird Fountain


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Bring your favorite d├ęcor to life with the Foreside Blue Verdigris Hummingbird Fountain. This hand-glazed ceramic indoor fountain features a beautiful distressed blue verdigris finish, creating a charming addition to any space. Watch as hummingbirds seemingly come alive, hovering near flowers as water cascades gently over rocks into the reservoir below.


– Hand-glazed ceramic construction with a unique quilted floral finish

– Adorable hummingbirds fluttering around flowers for a whimsical touch

Where to Use:

Perfect for adding a touch of nature to desks, tabletops, counters, and more. Ideal for those who appreciate a hint of tranquility and charm in their living spaces.

-Size: Fountain measures 5.25 x 5 x 7 inches

Pump, Pebbles & gift box Included.