Good Bitter Best – Lemon Lavender- Simple Syrup in the Raw


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Just add hot water to this gourmet simple syrup mix to enjoy a touch of sweetness in your beverages.

Makes 12 ounces of simple syrup one hot water is added. Bottle includes 7.5 ounces of raw ingredients.

Our Lemon Lavender Simple Syrup has cane sugar, lavender flower, and lemon peel: perfect for a Bee's Knees cocktail or a French 75. Can also be added to any cocktail with vodka, gin, tequila, or rum. Try in champagne, hard seltzer or soda water. Pairs well with our with our Lemon Lavender bitters! *Cocktail in photo is a Bee's Knee's made with Empress 1908 Gin to achieve the color.