Hartfield & Co – Wheated Bourbon


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Hartfield & Co – Wheated Bourbon is a rare find from Bourbon County, Kentucky, boasting a unique blend of 80% corn and 20% malted wheat. This limited release bourbon delivers a distinctive nose of oak, vanilla, butter, caramel, and a touch of dusty wheat.


– Rich Oak Flavor: The forefront oak flavor of this bourbon sets it apart, providing a warm and inviting drinking experience.

– Subtle Chocolate Finish: As you savor each sip, a delightful hint of chocolate emerges at the tail end of the finish, adding a surprising twist to the palate.

Where to Use:

This wheated bourbon is perfect for those who appreciate a unique twist on traditional bourbon flavors. Enjoy it neat or in classic bourbon cocktails to experience its exceptional oak-forward profile with a touch of chocolate on the finish.

*Please note that this product is only available for customers who are 21 years of age or older.


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