Hendrick’s Gin


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Unleash the subtle magic of Hendrick's Gin, a liquor that dances on your taste buds with a refreshing twist. The clean, dry profile of this gin sets it apart, offering a delightful complexity that unfolds with every sip. Citrus and juniper notes lead the way, while a cool cucumber and rose finish leaves a lasting impression. Infused with Bulgarian rose and cucumber, Hendrick's Gin is a unique blend that promises a distinct flavor experience.


1. Citrus and Juniper Infusion: Hendrick's Gin boasts a harmonious blend of citrus and juniper flavors that tantalize the palate.

2. Cool Cucumber and Rose Finish: Experience a subtle yet refreshing finish that lingers, thanks to the infusion of cucumber and rose.

3. Unique Ingredients: Bulgarian rose and cucumber are used to enhance the flavor profile, adding a touch of sophistication to this exceptional gin.

Where to Use:

Elevate your cocktail game with Hendrick's Gin. Perfect for mixing up classic gin and tonics, refreshing cucumber martinis, or innovative craft cocktails, this versatile liquor is a must-have for any home bar or professional mixologist. Enjoy the distinctive taste of Hendrick's Gin in your favorite cocktails and let its unique flavors shine.

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