Henry Varnay Blanc de Blanc Brut


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Sip on the Henry Varnay Blanc de Blanc Brut, a sparkling wine that shines with a pale yellow hue and a dance of fine bubbles. Aromas of green apple and melon tantalize the senses, leading to a palate that bursts with citrus and apple flavors, complemented by a hint of bready notes. This light and lively wine boasts a zesty acidity and gentle effervescence, making it a versatile companion for a range of dishes.


– Crisp and refreshing sparkling wine with delicate effervescence

– Aromas of green apple and melon, flavors of citrus and apple, with a subtle bready touch

– Perfect pairing for seafood, creamy cheeses, and pastries

Where to Use:

Enjoy the Henry Varnay Blanc de Blanc Brut as a delightful accompaniment to seafood dishes, creamy cheeses, and sweet pastries. Its lively sparkle and vibrant flavors make it an ideal choice for celebratory occasions or casual gatherings where a touch of effervescence is desired.

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