J Rieger & Co Kansas City Whiskey Holiday Edition 2023


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What happens when straight bourbon whiskey, light corn whiskey, and straight rye whiskey decide to throw a party? The 2023 Holiday Edition Kansas City Whiskey is born! This limited-edition blend, aged for at least four years, brings together a delightful mix of flavors, enhanced by a hint of 15-year-old oloroso sherry from Jerez, Spain. The result? A festive spirit that captures the essence of the holiday season.


1. Rich Blend of Whiskeys: This special edition whiskey combines the best of bourbon, corn, and rye whiskeys, ensuring a complex and satisfying taste profile.

2. Touch of Sherry Magic: Infused with 15-year-old oloroso sherry, sourced from a renowned Spanish bodega, adding a unique and luxurious touch to every sip.

Where to Use:

Perfect for cozy gatherings with friends or family, this Holiday Edition Kansas City Whiskey is ideal for savoring the festive spirit of the season. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite holiday cocktail for a touch of magic in every glass.

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