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Step into the world of Lawrenceburg Bourbon Co., founded by U.S. and Australian Navy Combat Veteran, Greg Keeley. Specializing in Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskies, our distillery is known for producing top-quality spirits that will surely captivate your taste buds.


1. Crafted with precision: Lawrenceburg Bourbon Co. takes pride in crafting their products with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a truly unique and exceptional taste.

2. Unfiltered and cask strength: The One Cask Series and the 10×10 Rye are made cask strength, single barrel, and unfiltered, preserving the authentic flavors of the whiskey.

3. Distinctive single barrel: Each bottle from Lawrenceburg Bourbon Co. is sourced from a single barrel, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind drinking experience with every pour.

Where to Use:

Enjoy a glass of Lawrenceburg Bourbon Co.'s bourbon or rye whiskies at a cozy gathering with friends, or savor the flavors as a special treat after a long day. Whether you're a whiskey connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of spirits, Lawrenceburg Bourbon Co. promises a memorable and satisfying drinking experience.

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