Mean Mule – Poblano – Single


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40% ABV – 80 PROOF

100% agave spirits fermented with fresh roasted poblano AND then twice distilled. Distinctly rich, smokey, earthy, and crisp. Adding depth and a just a hint of heat to our already classically delicious agave spirits.


Including the peppers in the fermentation process brings out the natural characteristics of the Poblano. Whereas most producers add pepper on the end as a finish along with other flavors to balance the spirit, ours is naturally balanced and is an organic process through and through.


A county fair pepper eating contest, sweet to savory pepper, mineral, stone, fresh home garden harvest, vegatal, essence of watermelon, floral earth, smooth with no peppery gass, oily agave mouth feel.

*Please note that this product is only available for customers who are 21 years of age or older.