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Get the perfect glow with Messner Bee Farm's Brandy Wine Tinted Lip Balm. This light iridescent shimmer adds a sheer touch of color that's ideal for those under 25. Made with beeswax and raw honey from local hives, this lip balm not only moisturizes but also gives your lips a natural-looking tint inspired by the Brandy Wine tomato.


– Adds a light iridescent shimmer for a youthful glow.

– Infused with beeswax and raw honey for natural hydration.

Where to Use:

Perfect for adding a touch of color and moisture to your lips, especially if you're looking for a subtle, youthful shine.


Messner Bee Farm

Natural Beekeeping Craftsmanship

Did you know that Messner Bee Farm, located in the heart of the Kansas City metro area, produces over 500 pounds of raw honey each year? Founded by Erik and Rachael Messner, this thriving beekeeping operation is dedicated to natural beekeeping and crafting high-quality products using beeswax and honey. With a focus on sustainability and the well-being of their bees, Messner Bee Farm offers a range of delightful products, from lip balm to candles, that reflect the passion and dedication of the Messners.

The Art of Honey-Making

At Messner Bee Farm, honey-making is a meticulous process that combines precision and passion. From extracting honey to maintaining beehives, every step is carried out with care. Beeswax, a versatile ingredient, is used in various products like lip balm, candles, and solid perfume. However, honey-making is more than just creating these end products. It involves the essential processes of pollination and honey harvesting. When it's time for honey harvesting, beekeepers carefully collect the honey-filled combs, preserving the natural goodness created by the bees. At Messner Bee Farm, honey-making is seen as an art that combines nature, craftsmanship, and a touch of sweet humor.