Messner Bee Farm – Lavender Elderberry Infused Honey / Fruity and Floral / 10oz


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Delight your taste buds with Messner Bee Farm's Lavender Elderberry Infused Honey, a unique blend of fruity elderberries and floral lavender in a sweet honey base. Crafted in small batches, this Garden Delight infusion offers a natural and delicious twist to your favorite foods.


1. Bursting with fruity and floral flavors

2. Made with natural lavender and elderberries

3. Versatile and pairs well with a variety of dishes

Where to Use:

Elevate your culinary creations by drizzling this honey over yogurt, pairing it with goat cheese, or mixing it into your favorite cocktails. It's also perfect for enhancing the flavors of breakfast items like pancakes and waffles, as well as desserts like cheesecake and ice cream. Experiment with this Garden Delight honey in teas, lemonades, and more for a delightful and aromatic experience.