Messner Bee Farm – Lip Tint Pack of 4 Lip Balms


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Are you tired of boring, lackluster lip balms that do nothing but sit on your lips? Say hello to Messner Bee Farm's Lip Tint Pack of 4 Lip Balms! Handmade with love and loaded with natural ingredients, these lip balms are here to add a pop of color and moisture to your pout. But wait, there's more to these little tubes than meets the eye!


– Infused with a unique blend of sunflower oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, and more, these lip balms are a treat for your lips.

– Each color in the collection, from Nebraska Wedding to Brandy Wine, offers a sheer finish that enhances your natural beauty with a touch of minty freshness.

Where to Use:

Whether you're headed to a casual brunch or a fancy dinner, these tinted lip balms are your perfect on-the-go companions. Keep one in your purse, pocket, or desk drawer for an instant pick-me-up throughout the day. Say goodbye to dull lips and hello to luscious color and hydration!