Messner Bee Farm – Solid Cologne – Truman – Handmade with beeswax


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Are you tired of lugging around those bulky cologne bottles that seem to leak at the most inconvenient times? Say goodbye to those woes with Messner Bee Farm's Solid Cologne in the Truman scent. Handmade with beeswax sourced from local hives, this solid cologne offers portability without the mess. The aroma of oak, bergamot, and a hint of bourbon will have you feeling like a president – or at least smelling like one! Plus, did you know that beeswax is a complex blend of over 300 components, with at least 48 contributing to its delightful scent?


1. Portable and mess-free: The compact size fits easily into any bag, and the warmth of your finger activates the cologne without any risk of leaks.

2. Moisturizing and aromatic: Sunflower oil seals in the essential oils, while the beeswax provides a natural and rich fragrance experience.

Where to Use:

Apply the Truman Solid Cologne just like your regular cologne – a dab on the sides of your neck and the inside of your wrists is all you need for a refreshing and long-lasting scent. Perfect for those on the go who appreciate a touch of luxury without the hassle.