Messner Bee Farm – Solid Perfume – As You Wish – Handmade with Beeswax


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Are you ready to smell as sweet as a raspberry blossom and as enchanting as a freshly foraged berry patch? Introducing Messner Bee Farm's Solid Perfume in the tantalizing scent of As You Wish. Handmade with beeswax sourced from local hives, this perfume is a true ode to nature's beauty.


Crafted with beeswax from the buzzing hives of local beekeepers, this solid perfume is a blend of over 300 components, with at least 48 contributing to its delightful aroma. The sunflower oil used in the formula not only seals in the essential oils but also leaves your skin moisturized and perfectly textured.

Where to Use:

This Solid Perfume is the ideal companion for your daily adventures, adding a touch of natural elegance to your every move. Simply glide it on your pulse points and let the sweet essence of raspberry blossoms and foraged berries accompany you throughout the day.