Mr Black Coffee Liqueur


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Wake up your taste buds with the bold and enticing Mr Black Coffee Liqueur. This irresistible liquor captures the essence of a freshly brewed cup of coffee blended with rich dark chocolate, ending with a delightful touch of vanilla and cherry. Its smooth and velvety texture is complemented by a clean, bittersweet finish, making it a unique and satisfying indulgence.


1. Rich Coffee Aroma: Experience the intense aroma of freshly brewed coffee that tantalizes your senses with every sip.

2. Dark Chocolate Notes: Delight in the decadent dark chocolate undertones that add depth and complexity to the flavor profile.

3. Smooth Vanilla Finish: Enjoy a warm and lingering finish with hints of vanilla and cherry that leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Where to Use:

– Perfect for creating delicious coffee-infused cocktails that will impress your guests at parties or gatherings.

– Enhance your desserts by incorporating this liqueur into recipes for a delightful twist on classic treats.

– Ideal for adding a unique flavor to your favorite coffee-based drinks, turning your daily brew into a special indulgence.

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