Quotable Life – LOCAL INDEP MO Wine Bag Drawstring Canvas


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Ever wished your wine could travel in style? Look no further than the Quotable Life – LOCAL INDEP MO Wine Bag Drawstring Canvas. Made from durable 10 oz 100% cotton canvas, this bag is the perfect companion for your favorite 750mL bottle. With a matching drawstring closure, your precious cargo will be safe and secure wherever you go.


– Sturdy 10 oz 100% cotton canvas construction

– Conveniently holds a standard 750mL bottle

– Easy-to-use drawstring closure for quick access

Where to Use:

This wine bag is ideal for picnics, outdoor concerts, or any occasion where you want to add a touch of elegance to your beverage transportation. So, why not let your wine bottle travel in style with this chic and practical canvas bag?