Raven’s Rest Studio – Relax, You’re Not Getting Old… Birthday Card. 575


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Do you dread the relentless march of time? Say goodbye to denial and hello to this brutally honest Raven's Rest Studio birthday card. With a printed message that spares no one, this card is perfect for those who appreciate a good laugh at their own expense.


– Sized at 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 inches, this card is neither too big nor too small – just like your age, right?

– High-quality card stock ensures that the glossy exterior shines as brightly as your next milestone.

Where to Use:

Send this card to your friends and family who need a reality check on their birthday. It's the perfect blend of humor and truth that will have them laughing, albeit through gritted teeth.

Printed Message on card:

Relax, You're Not Getting Old. That ship has sailed. You've been old for a while now.