Raven’s Rest Studio – This Morning I Saw My Neighbour Talking To Her Cat…


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Get ready for a good chuckle with Raven's Rest Studio's Greeting Card featuring a hilarious anecdote about a quirky neighbor and her cat. The printed message on the card will have you in stitches as you imagine the scene unfold between the neighbor, her cat, and the amused onlooker.


– High-quality card stock ensures durability and a professional finish.

– Blank inside for your own personalized message, making it perfect for any occasion.

Where to Use:

Share a laugh with friends and family by sending this witty greeting card for birthdays, holidays, or just because. Perfect for those who appreciate a good sense of humor and enjoy a light-hearted moment.

Printed Message on card: This Morning I Saw My Neighbour Talking To Her Cat. It was obvious that she thought the cat understood her. I went back inside and told my dog..we laughed a lot.