Saluté by Sempre Beve – Veneziano Liquid Suds


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Saluté by Sempre Beve presents the Veneziano Liquid Suds soap, a delightful blend of apple blossom and pear in a soft, fresh scent. Hand-poured in Kansas City, MO, this 6 oz. mild soap creates a rich lather that is gentle on your skin and hand-washables. The soap comes in a sand-etched vessel that transforms into a charming little flask after use, complete with a pump and cap. Plus, it supports conservation efforts through profits and features recyclable packaging.


– Soft, Fresh Scent: Enjoy the subtle notes of apple blossom and pear for a refreshing cleansing experience.

– Multi-Purpose: Use this mild soap not only for your skin but also for hand-washing delicate items with its rich, gentle lather.

Where to Use:

Ideal for everyday hand washing, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed with a touch of nature's goodness.