Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon


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Dive into a bottle of Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon, where a symphony of flavors awaits your palate. Caramel, vanilla, and baked apple dance together harmoniously, leading the way for hints of toasted oak and cozy spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Just when you think you've uncovered all its secrets, a touch of herbal notes—perhaps a whisper of mint or sage—adds an intriguing twist to this complex bourbon experience.


1. Warm and Inviting: The rich notes of caramel and vanilla envelop your senses, creating a comforting and familiar sip.

2. Spiced Elegance: Delicate hints of cinnamon and nutmeg provide a subtle kick, adding depth and intrigue to each taste.

3. Herbal Intrigue: A touch of mint or sage introduces a unique element, elevating the bourbon's complexity without overpowering its classic charm.

Where to Use:

Enjoy Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon in the cozy comfort of your home, savoring its nuanced flavors as you unwind after a long day or celebrating life's simple pleasures with friends and family.

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