Steven Dragan Fine Art – Country Club Plaza Lights – Fine Art Print


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Embark on an artistic journey through the heart of Kansas City with the Steven Dragan Fine Art – Country Club Plaza Lights – Fine Art Print. This exquisite piece by architect and painter Steven Dragan captures the essence of the city in a unique and meaningful way.


– Detailed Depiction: Each brushstroke on this fine art print is carefully crafted to portray the beauty and significance of the Country Club Plaza Lights.

– Personal Touch: Steven Dragan's passion for his city shines through in this painting, offering a personal connection to the artwork.

– Timeless Memory: Hang this print in your space to create a lasting memory of Kansas City and its vibrant atmosphere.

Where to Use:

Display this fine art print in your living room, home office, or any space where you want to feel the spirit of Kansas City come to life.


Steven Dragan Fine Art

Meet Steven Dragan

Once upon a time, there was a person named Steven Dragan who had a unique hobby of collecting symbols with special meanings. Every summer, Steven would go to a lake, dip their feet in the water, and carefully select a rock to keep as a memento of that season. These rocks were stored safely in a box by Steven's nightstand. As time passed, Steven pursued a career as an architect and developed a deep love for perspective in their work. They enjoyed creating drawings that incorporated scale figures and added depth to their designs. However, the field of architecture had evolved, and drawing was no longer as widely practiced. Nevertheless, Steven's passion for perspective and painting remained undeterred. During a spontaneous trip to New Mexico, Steven decided to try their hand at sketching and painting the places they visited. In just five minutes, they would capture the gardens, plazas, landscapes, and restaurants they encountered. This process opened their eyes to intricate details they had never before noticed – the beautiful stained glass in a cathedral, the vibrant colors of a sunset, the fascinating designs on café chairs, and the way people came together in unique ways. Returning home, Steven treasured their notebook filled with these sketches and paintings, much like the rocks they had collected as a child. It was a way to hold onto the essence of the places they loved and remember why they had visited in the first place. From that moment on, Steven discovered their true calling as a painter. They began creating artwork depicting both cherished and imagined locations. Their art resonated with others because it captured the true spirit of these meaningful places, offering a fresh perspective on light, space, and depth. For Steven, painting is all about the connection we have with different places. Each location holds its own significance and tells its own story. They strive to let each place speak for itself, focusing on capturing the life within the perspective lines, the mood of the atmosphere, the rhythm of shadows, and the abstract shapes of people who inhabit the scene. Every piece of art aims to capture something authentic and unforgettable. In simpler terms, painting brings immense joy to Steven's life, and they are eager to share that joy with others. This is why they have created this platform, where they can showcase their passion and creativity to the world.