Town Branch Straight Rye


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Looking for a liquor that strikes the perfect balance between spice and sweetness? Look no further than Town Branch Straight Rye. Crafted from a blend of 55% Rye, 30% Corn, and 15% Malted Barley, this spirit offers a unique flavor profile that is sure to please your taste buds.


1. Bold Rye Spice: Town Branch Straight Rye packs a punch with its prominent rye spice notes that give it a distinctive and flavorful kick.

2. Rich Sweetness: The addition of corn in the mix brings a rich sweetness to the spirit, complementing the spice and adding depth to its flavor profile.

3. Subtle Hints of Caramel and Vanilla: Delight your senses with hints of caramel and vanilla that add a touch of warmth and complexity to this rye whiskey.

Where to Use:

Enjoy Town Branch Straight Rye on the rocks for a smooth sipping experience, or mix it into your favorite classic cocktails to elevate your drink game. Whether you're winding down after a long day or hosting a gathering with friends, this versatile spirit is a great choice for any occasion.

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