Trixie & Milo – Off-The-Grid Survival Bracelet assortment – hiking gear


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"Off The Grid" Survival Bracelet is a great gift for any hiker, camper or backpacker. Super handy in the wild, with 18'ft of 550lb cord and a fire starter on each bracelet.

Comes as an assortment of 4 different color Paracord bracelets, each with fire starter clasp. Includes a flint and steel scraper, for starting fires in the wild.

Each bracelet is $5.00. You will get a total of 16 bracelets in this assortment: 4 of each color- Orange, Black, Brown, Olive.

These bracelets are made with 550 lb. Paracord. In an emergency, the bracelet can be taken apart so you can use the cord for a variety of uses.