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Get ready to mix up your drink game with Winsome Designs KC LLC's Island Delight Wine Slushie Mix! This unique blend of Strawberry, Orange, and Pineapple flavors is here to shake things up and add a tropical twist to your cocktail experience.


1. Easy to Use: Each bag of Island Delight Wine Slushie Mix effortlessly transforms into 2 Blenders full of deliciousness, making it convenient for both solo sipping or entertaining a small group.

2. Versatile Ingredients: This mix pairs perfectly with red or white wine, rum, vodka, or even non-alcoholic options like juice or ginger ale, allowing you to customize your drink to suit your taste preferences.

Where to Use:

Whether you're hosting a summer BBQ, chilling by the pool, or simply unwinding after a long day, the Island Delight Wine Slushie Mix is the perfect companion for any occasion that calls for a refreshing and fruity beverage.


Each bag of Island Delight Wine Slushie Mix is carefully crafted to make 2 Blenders full of delightful concoctions, ensuring you have just the right amount to enjoy without any waste.


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