Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur


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Crafted from the finest ingredients sourced from family-owned farms in County Cork, Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur is a premium liqueur that has taken the spirits world by storm. With a Chairman's Trophy win at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and a unique farm-to-table approach, Five Farms offers a one-of-a-kind taste experience.


1. Single Batch Cream: Made from rich dairy cream sourced from "happy cows" in County Cork, Five Farms boasts a smooth, sweet, and luxurious texture that is consistent in quality with each batch.

2. Irish Whiskey Infusion: With ten times the amount of Irish whiskey compared to typical Irish creams, Five Farms delivers an intense whiskey flavor and warmth that sets it apart in the liqueur category.

Where to Use:

Enjoy Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur neat over ice for a smooth and indulgent treat, or mix it into your favorite cocktails to add a rich and creamy twist. Perfect for sipping by the fireside or as a luxurious addition to your dessert recipes.

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