Giffard Creme de Violette


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Dive into the enchanting world of Giffard Creme de Violette, a delightful liqueur crafted in France. This floral elixir exudes notes of violet and rose, promising a burst of spring flavors in every sip.


– Adorned in a captivating violet hue with subtle grenat undertones.

– Boasts a lush and creamy floral aroma that will transport your taste buds to a blooming garden.

РWith a moderate 16% ABV, this 700ml bottle by Giffard is perfect for mixing in a variety of cocktails or enjoying as an aperitif with a dry white, ros̩, or sparkling wine.

Where to Use:

1. Enhance your mixology skills by adding a touch of Giffard Creme de Violette to your cocktails for a floral twist.

2. Elevate your aperitif game by pairing this liqueur with your favorite dry white, rosé, or sparkling wine for a refreshing and aromatic experience.

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