Garden Society Spiced Citrus Vodka


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Looking for a vodka that's more vibrant than your average Friday night? Meet Garden Society Spiced Citrus Vodka, a clear spirit that packs a punch of fresh citrus and dried fruit aromas. But that's not all – this vodka also boasts hints of pepper and perfume, making each sip feel like a little adventure for your taste buds. When it comes to taste, get ready for a light sweetness that's balanced by a touch of acidity, all wrapped up in a warm alcohol kick and a medium body. And the finish? Let's just say it's a warm, complex goodbye that leaves you wanting more.


1. Aroma of Citrus and Dried Fruit: Get a whiff of bright citrus and sweet dried fruit notes that'll transport you to a sunny orchard.

2. Warm Alcohol Intensity: Feel the heat with a warm alcohol kick that's sure to spice up your evening.

3. Long Warm Finish: Enjoy a lingering, warm finish that will keep you savoring every last drop.

Where to Use:

– Girls' Night In: Perfect for mixing up some zesty cocktails with your besties.

– Backyard BBQs: Add a splash of citrusy goodness to your summer gatherings.

– Relaxing Evenings: Wind down after a long day with a glass of this spiced citrus delight.

*Please note that this product is only available for customers who are 21 years of age or older.