Green River Straight Bourbon


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Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon is like taking a sip of Kentucky's history. Aged in some of the state's oldest warehouses, this 90 proof whiskey boasts a rich golden-amber color that sets it apart from the rest. Crafted with a mashbill featuring 70% corn, 21% winter rye, and 9% malted barley, Green River offers a unique flavor profile that's sure to intrigue any bourbon enthusiast.


– Rich Golden-Amber Hue: Just like gazing upon a sunset, the color of this bourbon is a sight to behold, hinting at the warmth and flavor within.

– Locally Sourced Ingredients: Made with corn sourced from local farms, each sip of Green River is a taste of the region's terroir, adding a touch of authenticity to every glass.

Where to Use:

Enjoy Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon neat in a cozy corner of your home, or mix it into classic cocktails for a modern twist on timeless favorites. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or hosting a gathering with friends, this bourbon is a versatile companion for any occasion.

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