Gulp Hablo Verdejo


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Looking for a wine that's as refreshing as a cool summer breeze? Meet Gulp Hablo Verdejo, a vibrant white wine that's a delightful sip of Spanish sunshine. Made from the indigenous Verdejo grape, this bone-dry delight is a citrusy sensation with hints of crisp apples and zesty lemon. Known for its minerality and thirst-quenching qualities, Gulp Hablo Verdejo is a hidden gem in the world of white wines.


1. Citrusy Freshness: Experience the invigorating burst of citrus flavors with every sip of Gulp Hablo Verdejo.

2. Crisp and Dry: Enjoy the clean and dry finish that leaves you wanting more of this Spanish gem.

3. Indigenous Elegance: Discover the unique taste of Verdejo grape, a Spanish classic that's making waves in the American market.

Where to Use:

Perfect for a picnic in the park, a day at the beach, or a casual evening gathering with friends, Gulp Hablo Verdejo is the ideal companion for any occasion that calls for a refreshing and easy-to-drink white wine

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