James E Pepper Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey


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Embrace your inner bourbon enthusiast with James E Pepper Barrel Proof – Single. This bold and unapologetic liquor is a no-nonsense straight bourbon whiskey that skips the filtering to deliver a pure, robust taste. With a mash-bill containing over 38% Rye, this whiskey packs a punch straight from the barrel.


– Unfiltered for a raw and authentic drinking experience

– Mash-bill with over 38% Rye for a spicy and complex flavor profile

– Identical to the award-winning 100 proof version, but with an extra kick of intensity

Where to Use:

Enjoy James E Pepper Barrel Proof – Single neat in a classic whiskey glass to savor the unfiltered richness and bold flavors. Pair it with a splash of water or a single ice cube to unlock new layers of complexity. Perfect for sipping by the fireplace or sharing with fellow whiskey aficionados.

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