Kansas City Canning Co. – Rosemary Fig Spread


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Looking for a game-changer in the food department? Look no further (oops, we used that one). Introducing the Kansas City Canning Co. Rosemary Fig Spread, a once seasonal gem that will now grace your table year-round. This 9 oz. jar is the stuff of dreams, combining the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors in one delectable spread.


– Bursting with the natural sweetness of figs and the earthy aroma of rosemary, this spread is a flavor explosion waiting to happen.

– Versatile and easy to use, it pairs perfectly with your favorite cheeses, elevating your cheese board game without breaking a sweat.

Where to Use:

Get creative in the kitchen with this Rosemary Fig Spread. Spread it on a grilled sandwich for a gourmet touch, slather it on a flatbread with tangy cheese for a delicious meal, or use it as a glaze for your pork or chicken dishes to take them to the next level.


Size: 9 oz.