Kansas City Canning Co. – Southern Pickled Garlic


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Kansas City Canning Co. brings a zesty twist to your kitchen with their Southern Pickled Garlic. Infused with bay leaf and crushed red pepper flakes, these garlic cloves pack a punch of savory and spice in every bite.


– Savory and Spicy: The combination of bay leaf and crushed red pepper flakes gives these pickled garlic cloves a deliciously bold flavor.

– Versatile Usage: Use these pickled garlic cloves just like fresh garlic to add an extra acidic kick to your dishes.

Where to Use:

Add a tangy twist to your culinary creations by incorporating Kansas City Canning Co.'s Southern Pickled Garlic. Use them in place of fresh garlic for a flavorful boost, as a garnish for your Bloody Mary cocktails, or simply enjoy them straight out of the jar for a savory snack.


Size: 9 oz.