Kansas City Canning Co. – Banana Peppers


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Sourced from a century-old family-owned farm in Parkville, MO, Kansas City Canning Co. Banana Peppers are the real deal for sandwich lovers. These organic peppers are handpicked weekly, ensuring freshness and a consistent flavor profile. Don't be surprised if the color of each jar varies slightly – it's all part of the natural charm of these peppers.


1. Freshness Guaranteed: Picked weekly from a single farm, these banana peppers are as fresh as it gets. Say goodbye to bland sandwiches!

2. Delightful Heat: Add a zing to your meal with these peppers that pack just the right amount of heat without overwhelming your taste buds.

Where to Use:

Spruce up your favorite sandwiches with a few slices of these flavorful banana peppers. Perfect for adding a kick to wraps, salads, or even as a pizza topping. Hurry, grab them before they run out!