Old Grand-Dad 114 Proof Bourbon Whiskey


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Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride with Old Grand-Dad 114 Proof Bourbon Whiskey. This liquor packs a punch with its light leather and pepper spice background, making it a flavor powerhouse that demands attention. Faint berries and a caramel base add a touch of sweetness, while a fleeting musty paper note gives way to a dominant oakiness.


1. Bold Flavor Profile: Old Grand-Dad 114 Proof Bourbon Whiskey offers a robust taste experience with a powerful dustiness and a hint of berries.

2. Complex Aromas: Delve into the depths of this whiskey's aroma, where notes of leather, pepper spice, and oak intermingle for a multi-layered olfactory journey.

3. Unique Character: Experience a musty paper note that transitions seamlessly into a dominant oakiness, setting this bourbon apart from the rest.

Where to Use:

Enjoy Old Grand-Dad 114 Proof Bourbon Whiskey as a sipping spirit to savor its intricate flavors, or use it as a bold base for crafting innovative cocktails that push the boundaries of traditional mixology.

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