Organic Mixology – Chocolate Sea Salt Liqueur


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Craving a unique liqueur that breaks free from the typical sickly sweet options? Meet Organic Mixology – Chocolate Sea Salt Liqueur. This dessert liqueur offers a lighter, more refined indulgence with just 5 grams of sugar per serving. Whether sipped neat, drizzled over your favorite ice cream, or mixed into a tantalizing cocktail like the OMspresso Martini, this liqueur promises a sophisticated treat for your palate.


– A delightful blend of chocolate and sea salt that strikes the perfect balance of sweetness and savory notes.

– Versatile enough to be enjoyed on its own, mixed into cocktails, or used as a creative topping for desserts.

– Crafted with organic ingredients, ensuring a guilt-free pleasure with each sip.

Where to Use:

– Enjoy a relaxing evening by savoring it neat or on the rocks.

– Elevate your dessert game by drizzling this liqueur over ice cream or using it to enhance the flavor of cakes and pastries.

– Shake up your cocktail repertoire by incorporating it into recipes like the OMspresso Martini for a decadent twist.

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