Pretty Simple – Words to Live By Canvas Keychain


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These Words to Live By Canvas Keychains are a fun and trendy accessory to add to your keys, purses, totes, like our new Jute bags, and backpacks! These keychains are high-quality printed cotton canvas. Comes in five design options. Every design has its own unique puffball included!

* 5" x 1"

* Gold painted Brass

* 5  Design Options:

* Drive safe, I need you here with me

* You are my sunshine

* In a world where you can be anything, be kind

* Happy camper

* Oh, the places you'll go!


Pretty Simple

Pretty Simple

In a surprising turn of events, a nurse-turned-entrepreneur has defied all odds and created Pretty Simple, a unique boutique that brings hope to many. Despite having no previous experience in retail, this determined founder set out on a mission to support small businesses and raise awareness for type 1 diabetes. By selling CURE mittens and gaining the support of Google and friends, Pretty Simple is truly making a difference in the world. The fascinating story of Pretty Simple began in 2014 when a nurse, who knew nothing about opening a boutique, started the company while recovering from a bilateral mastectomy. Despite facing challenges, she was inspired and motivated to create something meaningful. With a strong WHY and an unwavering determination to succeed, this nurse overcame obstacles along the way. Although her journey was personal, the impact of Pretty Simple extends far beyond her own story. It has made a significant difference in the lives of those living with type 1 diabetes. Through their products and initiatives, Pretty Simple has raised awareness and support for this condition.