Raven’s Rest Studio – Funny Greeting Card. ..Be Friends If You Are Kind of a Bitch


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Looking for a greeting card that's not your typical sappy sentiment? Well, look no further (oops, sorry, can't use that phrase) – Raven's Rest Studio has just the card for you! Introducing the Funny Greeting Card that dares to challenge the norms of friendship.


Ever met someone who's not quite a saint but not a full-blown devil either? This card is dedicated to those "halfway bitches" who walk that fine line of sassiness and charm. The bold print message on the front sets the tone for a friendship like no other – one that thrives on the perfect balance of wit and humor.

Where to Use:

Perfect for sending to your bestie who knows how to throw shade with style or your work wife who's always got your back with a side of sarcasm. This card is ideal for those moments when you want to acknowledge the unique bond you share with someone who's not afraid to be a little bit of a bitch in the best way possible.