Russell’s Reserve Rye Whiskey 6 Year


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Looking for a whiskey that will whisk you away to a world of sweet indulgence? Meet Russell's Reserve Rye Whiskey 6 Year. This spirit teases your senses with a delightful dance of vanilla and bubblegum aromas, lightly peppered with the essence of rye grain. But that's just the beginning of this flavor-filled journey.


1. Vanilla Frosting and Sugar – The initial sip reveals a symphony of sweetness, akin to diving into a bowl of vanilla frosting.

2. Minty Citrus Finish – As the experience unfolds, hints of minty citrus come into play, adding a refreshing twist to the palate.

3. Black Pepper Spice – The grand finale arrives with a subtle kick of black pepper spice, leaving a lingering warmth that enhances the overall tasting experience.

Where to Use:

Whether you're unwinding after a long day or simply looking to treat your taste buds, Russell's Reserve Rye Whiskey 6 Year is the perfect companion. Enjoy it neat to savor the intricate flavors or use it as the base for crafting creative cocktails that will elevate your mixology game.

*Please note that this product is only available for customers who are 21 years of age or older.